Meet Andrea Jones, LCSW— West Ridge Academy Day Treatment Therapist.

Bryant Coombs

Andrea is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and earned her Bachelor and Master degrees of Social Work from the University of Utah. She has worked at West Ridge for over ten years and loves the opportunity to work with and mentor clients. She specializes in teaching clients DBT Skills that help with emotional regulation and mindfulness.

Before her tenure as a therapist, Andrea worked closely with student records and medications—coordinating and distributing the medicines daily and ensuring that client records were up to date. She also worked closely with the doctors and psychiatric nurse practitioners coordinating schedules as well as doctor visits for the students.

Andrea loves the opportunity to closely work with and mentor many of the West Ridge Academy students. She is grateful for the numerous opportunities to become involved in various aspects of the program and be able to see the positive changes that have occurred over the years.

Throughout the time Andrea has worked with teens, she enjoys most when they begin to make positive changes and genuinely start to feel happy. Their countenance changes, and they begin to have more hope for their future and more confidence in themselves. She says it’s an enriching process to be involved in.

Andrea enjoys spending time with friends and family. She enjoys listening to music as well as playing, and has played the violin for over 20 years and participated in several symphonies.