What Makes West Ridge Academy’s Assessments Unique?

We provide comprehensive mental health assessments for individuals who think they may benefit from additional support, but are unsure of where to turn for such assistance. All assessments are completed by our state licensed mental health professionals. You can participate in an assessment without committing to any additional mental health services. 

Assessments are Ideal for those who experience:

  • Feelings of worthlessness, low motivation, or thoughts of self-harm.
  • Sudden decrease in academic performance or participation.
  • Feelings of panic, anxiety, being overwhelmed, or constant worry.
  • Feelings of sadness due to recent loss or change.
  • Unusual thoughts, nightmares, or fears.

Bothersome emotions and thoughts can be a normal part of our daily ups and downs in life and result from a number of varying factors. Many of these feelings may not be a reason for alarm, but if you or someone you love is being dramatically affected in areas of emotional, social, spiritual, or physical health, you may benefit from some professional assistance as you seek to work through these challenges. 

How does the Assessment process work?

Assessment Pricing:

In-Office assessment $200