Charlie Falatea

Charlie comes to us with a wealth of experience working with our youth. As a Program Director, he was able to help create program policies, structure, and balance between therapeutic needs and behavioral concerns. He is well known for the success he’s had in admissions and continues to be instrumental in creating a safe and stable environment for youth dealing with high-risk behaviors.

If you know Charlie, you know that he is in this business for the right reasons. Raising eight children of his own, he understands from a parents perspective the needs of the teens he comes in contact with. This genuinely kind person can communicate well with anyone. Parents and professionals alike feel safe and comfortable with Charlie.

Charlie is a huge sports fanatic—especially the NFL! One thing that will become very evident to you is his loyalty to his team… the 49ers. In his spare time, Charlie is a High School Football coach. He is also the Founder and President of a successful youth basketball program called Se Soia. He developed this program to help kids who cannot afford to play competitive basketball. Charlie gives back to his community in these ways and many others.

Charlie is proud to be a father of eight children, four boys, and four girls. He and his beautiful wife, Jamie, have a slogan in their home that they very much adhere to: “If not for the kids, then why?” This statement exemplifies Charlie and his life dedicated to working with the youth of today, with the understanding that they are the hope for tomorrow.