Meet Destan Beene— West Ridge Academy teacher of Mathematics.

If you ever wondered what the Fourier Transform is, or maybe you’re curious about the Riemann zeta function, Destan Beene is your guy to question.

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Destan graduated from his formal high school years and moved to Indiana, where he attended Purdue. He eventually made it back to his home town and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Utah. He continued with his Master’s of Science degree in Data Analytics/Curriculum Design.

Destan Beene

Destan enjoys teaching at West Ridge Academy. He “enjoys seeing light bulbs going on” and the brilliant minds of students going from “can’t succeed” to “can succeed.” He has witnessed a very positive change in test scores that have gone from 10% to 20%, up to 80% and higher. Many students are heard saying, “I can’t wait for math.”

Destan has two cats named Eddie and Petty. He loves baseball and is not only an avid fan but has a solid arm and plays whenever he can. You will often see him out playing catch with students. He usually has his mitt in his car. Destan loves Hockey and thoroughly enjoys getting out on the ice as much as possible. His latest hobby is AstroPhotography. That’s right — photos of space, planets, nebula’s, stars and galaxies. 

We are grateful to have such a brilliant and dedicated man as Destan Beene. 

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