Gagaifo Tufuga
Junior was introduced to this line of work over ten years ago. As a Residential Coach, his job was to supervise the students and ensure their daily tasks and expectations were met. He quickly learned that working with these young students ignited a passion for helping teens and being a mentor to them. Although his current role requires him to be at a desk the majority of the time, He’s constantly drawn back to working hands-on with both staff and students.

Junior began in this field as a mentor, working with kids diagnosed with bipolar, severe depression, and high suicidal ideation. From a mentor, he accepted opportunities to move into a supervisory role —managing a team of four up to a staff of 40. He has trained in a variety of subjects for different companies and has come to realize that challenges are something he seeks. For that reason, he accepted this role as a program director at West Ridge Academy.

Junior is an alum from Chaffey College, located in Rancho Cucamonga California. As a supervisor, he became EMT certified to help assist in a variety of medical issues such as sore throats, stomach aches, difficulty breathing, or diabetic complications. He is a certified trainer in a restraint technique called Positive Control System (PCS). As a trainer of PCS, Junior has helped programs drastically change not only a decreased number of restraints but also helped to reduce the amount of injuries to staff and students.

Junior’s drive and passion for his job comes from knowing that he can make a difference. He has had individuals who have been influential in his life and hopes to make the same impact in the lives of the kids that he works with. His support system is also his strength. It’s made up of a loving wife and two beautiful kids. They are the reason he works so hard and believes in teaching his kids by example the value of quality work and a precious belief in serving others. On his free time, you’ll find Junior relaxing in front of a fishing hole and just chillin’.