Keenan Johnson was born and raised in West Jordan, Utah, and is one of six children—all boys. Team sports was a big part of his early life, and he grew to understand the importance of being a student athlete. He graduated from Copper Hills High School where he excelled academically and played baseball, basketball and football. After graduating, he was part of the basketball and baseball coaching staff at Copper Hills High School for several years.
Keenan Johnson

Keenan is finishing up his Associates Degree from Salt Lake Community College and plans to earn his Bachelors degree at either the University of Utah or Weber State University.

At West Ridge Academy, he dedicates countless hours as the Executive Assistant in the school and works closely with the Director of Academics. 

Just when you thought a person couldn’t have a busier schedule, Keenan also works in the evenings for the Utah Jazz NBA basketball team as a team attendant. He is now in his sixth year with the Jazz.

He loves to spend time with his girlfriend and their beloved dog, Dodger. I’ll bet you can guess who his favorite Major League Baseball team is, right?