Misty Covington, LCSW, joined The West Ridge Academy team in 2016. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work along with Human Development as an Extra Major Skill. She also holds a Degree in Psychology. She has done extensive work in the field of social work in four states and two countries. Misty has owned and operated several successful family businesses and has worked for several local and national corporations assisting with growth and development through training, coaching, counseling and developing specialized programs, unique to each organization.
Misty Covington


As a therapist, Misty has worked in substance abuse, domestic violence, marriage/family, mental health, geriatrics, and protective service. She is author one book regarding grief and co-authored self-help books. Misty’s primary focus in becoming a therapist has been to be able to work with adolescents. One core belief that Misty has is the importance of one’s Self-Concept. If an individual knows who they are and believes they are capable and worthy of being successful, they will be able to learn and develop personal successes. 

When she is not counseling she enjoys spending time with family by trying to be the best-wicked step-mother in the history of wicked step-mothers, being the second and last wife to her husband, being the coolest grandma, and trying anything new, as long as there is a treat afterward, preferably something with mint and chocolate.