What Makes West Ridge Academy’s Outpatient Therapy Unique?

West Ridge Academy provides outpatient therapy by offering extensive and specialized services for families of youth in need.

We specialize in youth
The Academy has been working with youth and their families since 1964. Our clinical team has extensive experience working with issues surrounding adoption, addiction, depression, anxiety, family problems, and many other mental and behavioral health issues that youth may deal with on a consistent basis. Our outpatient program specifically seeks to help the families of youth ages 8-18.

Medication Management
Clients ages 8-18 participating in West Ridge Academy’s Outpatient Therapy program may qualify for medication management through the Academy’s APRN. Avoid long waiting lists for psychiatrists and conveniently receive both therapy and medication management under the same roof!

Outpatient Therapy is ideal for:

  • Families dealing with communication problems, divorce, attachment issues, substance experimentation, pornography addiction, academic issues, poor peer influences, depression, self-injurious behavior.
  • OCD, ADHD, anxiety, abuse, grief or other mental health issues that require help outside of the family’s resources or skill set. 
  • Outpatient therapy is a great place to start if your child has never before received any form of mental health treatment.

How does the Outpatient Therapy process work?

Outpatient Pricing: $85 per session