What makes West Ridge Academy’s Residential Program unique?

West Ridge Academy’s Residential Program is a 24/7 treatment facility created with the intent to model a healthy home environment. Our students attend an accredited school, participate in various 1A sports, and engage in recreational therapy. Each student receives individual, family, and group counseling from our Licensed Mental Health Therapists. 

Residential Treatment is Ideal for:

  • Boys and girls ages 9-18. Separate boys’ and girls’ campuses on 76 acres.
  • Mental health and behavioral problems that make it unsafe or unproductive for a child to continue with a lower level of treatment. 
  • Adolescents with depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, substance use, addiction, ADHD, family relationship problems, significant academic decline, oppositional defiant disorder, trouble with adoption or attachment, self-harm, or other mental health issues which require a higher level of intense treatment, structure, supervision and accountability over a longer period of time for a long term change.

How does the Residential process work?

Residential Pricing

Residential pricing varies depending on individual needs.

Please call our Specialist for complete details at (801) 282-1000.