Leadership Team

Janet Farnsworth
Executive Director

Amy Whittaker
Clinical Director

Bryant Coombs
Finance Director

Charlie Falatea 
Director of Business Development

Maren Honey-Jones
Human Resource Manager

Paul Keene 
Director of Academics

John Stohlton
Director of Development


Admission Team

Charlie Falatea
Director of Business Development

Lynn Smith
Admissions Specialist

Wendy Ballard
Admission Specialist

Alexis "Lexi" Giles
Outreach Specialist



Clinical Team

Amy Whittaker
Clinical Director

Andrea Jones
Day Treatment Therapist

Stuart Palmer
Boys Campus Therapist 

Jeff Murdock

Boys Campus Therapist


John Ogden
Outpatient Therapist

Marcus Menti
Boys Campus Therapist

Landon Moyers
Psychiatric Care Manager

Misty Covington
Girls Campus Therapist


Rachel Noble
Director of Outpatient Services

Avery Alexander
Residential Therapist

Reid Robison
Medical Director

Brooke Jensen
Recreational Therapist 


Tari Romero
Girls Campus Therapist



Academic Team

Paul Keene
Director of Academics

Destan Beene

Gary Winegar

Kam Howard

Keenan Johnson
Executive Assistant

Linda Schipman
Special Education Coordinator


Lisa Moeller
Language Arts

Mark Rippel
Head Chef

Tom Hewitson
Marketing, Music and Art

Trevor Thornton
Coach & Aventa Coordinator

Richard Anderson
Elementary & Middle School

Aubree Mordecai
Elementary & Middle School



Support Team

Diane Spencer
Development Officer

Kristi Measels
Medication and Records Specialist

Luis Alvaredo
Property & Facility Maintenance

Natalie Keefer
Student Service Coordinator



Board of Directors

Scott Dimick | President
Steve Lemperle | Secretary
Bob Stubbs | Treasurer
Vaughn Burbidge | Past President
Pat Davis
Allen Proctor
John White

West Ridge Academy Advisory Board

Stan and Mary Ellen Smoot
Mary Ellen and Stan’s lives have been filled with service locally, nationally, and internationally. Mary Ellen served on the board of the Utah chapter of the United way, was an organizer of the Utah Historical Society, and wrote a history of Centerville. The Centerville Rotarians Service Club honored her as an outstanding citizen of Centerville.

Linda & Richard Eyre
As authors, lecturers, and grassroots and media catalysts, Linda and Richard Eyre’s mission statement is: Fortify Families by Popularizing Parenting, Validating Values, and Bolstering Balance. The Eyres lecture and present keynotes and seminars throughout the world on parenting, life balance, and values-based time management. With two successful around-the-world speaking tours, they continue to volunteer addressing church and community groups.