Avery Alexander

Avery Alexander is the Clinical Director at West Ridge Academy. At an early age while growing up in California, she was driven and dedicated to helping diverse communities and serving people in need.

Much of her experience was working in community centers as a mentor and performing community outreach through an Oakland non-profit and several similar organizations. This inspired her to make a change in as many lives as possible, starting with the youth at West Ridge Academy. She found herself at West Ridge by way of an internship while completing her master’s degree in Social Work.

Avery earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services with a focus on Counseling, from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts. Her master’s degree in Social Work followed at Simmons College, Boston.

She says that she hopes to give the youth of West Ridge Academy a sense of belonging and the tools to achieve their dreams. Avery was raised in Oakland, California, where she says a sense of community is very important and sparked her desire to work in similar diverse communities.

Avery comes from a loving family that taught her to embrace people of all walks of life. She is happily married and enjoys spending time with her family, reading biographies and catching up on TV shows. One of her latest hobbies is painting.