What Makes West Ridge Academy’s Treatment Programs Unique?

Our Treatment Programs take a holistic approach, treating mental, physical and emotional problems, all while balancing academic recovery as well as learning and practicing everyday life and social skills. West Ridge Academy’s treatment programs are tailored for youth who are experiencing depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or other mental health concerns. Our comprehensive, evidence-based plan is tailored for each individual and incorporates a tri-focused selection that centers around:

Clinical, Academics and Residential

At the foundation, we use natural and logical consequences to teach and tutor our students. If we can teach a student that keeping their agreements in life matters and is important, life will really begin to open up and work for them. Accountability is a must and all of our staff, home mentors, therapists, teachers and administrators are engaged in the process of teaching your child what works.

Our Goal and Mission at West Ridge Academy is to offer hope and healing to families. 

A young person spiraling out of control can be devastating to even the healthiest of families. Sometimes normal parenting skills simply aren't enough. We are here to help. Our passion is to build trusting relationships with your son or daughter that will hopefully create a lifelong change in heart. They will learn new coping skills that will propel them into a more functional and peaceful way of life. These changes are miraculous to see and the reason why we love what we do at West Ridge Academy.

Our Therapeutic Team consists of experienced licensed professionals that are here to serve you and your family's needs. Upon arriving at West Ridge Academy, your family will be assigned a full-time therapist that will work with your son or daughter for the duration of their stay and after.