Azin Dastpish

 Azin Dastpish is the Utilization Review Administrator for West Ridge Academy. She monitors and evaluates care concurrent with each resident’s treatment plan, and maintains the ongoing approval status from insurers. Azin also collects and compiles data as required to applicable policies and regulations. She is a specialized professional with years of experience working with youth at other residential treatment facilities.

Azin earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Utah Valley University (UVU) in Orem, Utah She enjoys working with the people at West Ridge Academy, and assists when needed with everything from medication management, to helping out in the Café. She is a wealth of knowledge and loves helping kids.

Azin is a dog mom and admits that she is raising her “dog son,” who she loves more than anything. Oreo is a beautiful black golden doodle who takes Azin for walks every day. They both enjoy the great outdoors and camping trips with family.  

During her alone time, Azin enjoys watching movies and shows, reading paranormal romance novels, and listening to Persian music. Family gatherings are centered around games, cards, board games, and charades. Azin says that she speaks three languages—Farsi, English, and Dog.