Joe Finau

Joe Finau is the Residential Director at West Ridge Academy. He has over a decade of experience in residential treatment helping youth deal with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues. Joe has become a specialized professional in coordinating schedules as well as helping residents deal with trauma, loss, and addictive behaviors.

Joe facilitates specialized training and development for all West Ridge Academy employees and maintains the latest programs and techniques to be used by the organization that align with training needs, certifications, and company goals.

His number one joy of working at West Ridge Academy is that he has the opportunity of bringing positive change for staff and residents. For Joe, the relationship with his colleagues is as important as his relationship with the residents. Joe is a big part of the positive social culture at West Ridge Academy. He is fluent in three languages—English, Tongan, and Tagalog.

Joe enjoys playing tennis, pickle ball, and listening to vintage Al Greene R&B music along with anything reggae. Originally from Ontario, California, Joe moved to Utah along with his sweetheart from East Bay Oakland. They are the proud parents of five wonderful children. While they have no pets currently, Joe says that his young daughter wants to be a dog.