Zacc Champion

Wes Gross teaches health science and physical education at West Ridge Academy. He attended Utah State University, where he earned his bachelor of science degree in health science and fitness. He also played football, received numerous accolades, and after graduating joined the NFL as a free agent and played football for the Green Bay Packers, and later played in Houston for the Oilers.

Wes eventually turned in his shoulder pads and turned to teaching and coaching high school football in Utah. He has over thirty years of teaching and coaching experience, and has won numerous state football championships.

Wes loves working with the youth at West Ridge Academy, and enjoys helping them learn and succeed.

Wes is happily married and is the father to two beautiful daughters. He and his Husky dog enjoy adventures together, but the one thing Wes is passionate about is his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Wes loves to ride and has travelled extensively throughout the western United States.