Ofa Pekipaki

Ofa H. Pekipaki is the Business Development Director at West Ridge Academy. Her passion for creating welcoming and supportive living environments is the driving force behind her work. She has had extensive experience in leading teams and managing operations for residential treatment facilities for over twenty years. Her experience provides many resources for those needing treatment for substance abuse or mental illnesses.

Ofa has developed an expertise in delivering excellent service to clients while maintaining budgetary goals. She directs the activities of her team and helps plan, organize, direct, coordinate, and evaluate service and activities for all clients at West Ridge Academy.

Her exceptional career and reputation cover a wide variety of roles within the industry of residential treatment, including executory leadership positions within several renowned youth treatment facilities.

Ofa enjoys supporting local non-profit organizations and volunteering her time in the community. She has many hobbies and loves to read. Ofa is an avid lover of contact sports and knows rugby and football well. She is a dedicated mother and loves spending quality time with her family and friends.