West Ridge Academy Philosophy 

We believe that happiness is the product of a shared experience. Joy and happiness do not come in isolation. It is in sharing the good in life that we find meaning. Connections with family, good friends and a higher power help form the foundation for a fulfilling life. Here at West Ridge Academy, we strive to help our students find these connections and seek out meaningful relationships with their higher power as they define. This connection has proven to be life-changing for the students we serve.

Spirituality is one of our Foundational Principles

A connection with Deity can change the life of a troubled soul. God, however understood by our students, motivates them to be better, to love deeper, and to appreciate more. On Sundays there is an opportunity for students to attend a church service or group Bible studies. Sundays are used as a day of rest. Students do many different things: study, write letters, play board games, read, watch inspirational movies, etc.