Joe Orr

Joe Orr is the Social Sciences teacher at West Ridge Academy. He attended UVU (Utah Valley University) where he majored in Education, focusing on Social Sciences—including US and World History, Geography, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology.

Joe has several years of teaching experience at similar residential treatment centers as West Ridge Academy. He enjoys working with teens because, “they are going through the most formative times of their lives, as well as some of the hardest times they’ve experienced yet.” Joe believes the youth he works with have so much potential that they’ve not yet realized, and his goal is to “take the boring part out of History and Social Sciences,” and provide exciting and memorable learning experiences for his students.

Joe enjoys many hobbies, and at the top of his list is a spectacular comic book collection dating back to the 1940s. He enjoys everything about the great outdoors—especially hiking. Joe once hiked from Salt Lake City to his hometown of Park City, Utah—48 miles in twelve and a half hours! Joe enjoys reading, and said that this week, his favorite era is Roman history. It changes weekly.